Democrats and Republicans Unite Behind Betsy Johnson

A growing coalition of former elected officials come together to put progress ahead of party politics and elect an independent Governor loyal only to the people of Oregon

A coalition of leading Democrats and Republicans announced their endorsement today to elect Betsy Johnson as Oregon’s no-nonsense independent Governor. The group includes former statewide elected officials, Speakers of the Oregon House, state legislators and local officials from across the state.

“No one has to leave their Democrat or Republican registration to support our campaign; you only have to want a better Oregon. As Governor, I will force the two parties to work together to put what’s best for Oregonians ahead of what’s best for any political party,” said Johnson.

Democrats and Republicans across Oregon are encouraged to add their name to this coalition by visiting and completing the endorsement section.

“I’m excited for an independent Governor liberated from party politics who will bring all voices to the table. I’ve known Betsy for a long time and believe she is the right person at the right time to lead Oregon. Her direct, no-nonsense style will be refreshing,” said former State Senator and Chair of the Oregon Democratic Party Margaret Carter.



State Sen. Lee Beyer

Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett

Former State Sen. & Chair of Oregon Democratic Party Margaret Carter

Former State Sen. Mark Hass

Former State Sen. Avel Gordly (Former D, unaffiliated since 2006)

Former Speaker of the House Phil Lang

Former State Sen. Mike Thorne

Former State Sen. Joanne Verger

Former State Rep. Jeff Barker

Former State Rep. Bob Shiprack

Former State Rep. Terry Thompson

Former State Rep. Mike Schaufler

Former Clatsop County DA Josh Marquis

Former Clackamas County DA John Foote (former D, now other)

Mike Bonetto, former Chief of State to Gov. John Kitzhaber


State Sen. Brian Boquist (former R now I)

Astoria Mayor Willis Vandusen

Former State Rep. and 2018 GOP Governor nominee Knute Buehler (former R now I)

Former State Labor Commissioner Jack Roberts

Former Secretary of State and Speaker of the House Bev Clarno

Former Speaker of the House Larry Campbell

Former State Sen. Frank Morse

Former State Rep. Andy Olson

Former State Sen. Chris Telfer (former R now I)

Former State Rep. Sal Esquivel

Former State Rep. John Huffman

Former State Rep. Rich Vial

Former State Rep. Rob Patridge

Former State Rep. Dennis Luke

Former State Rep. Pat Farr (former R now nonaffiliated)

Former Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey (former R now nonaffiliated)

Gerry Frank, former Chief of Staff to Sen. Mark Hatfield

Antoinette Hatfield, former First Lady of Oregon